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All moderation commands of

Commands Description Required permissions
/ban <user> <reason> Ban a user Ban members
/kick <user> <reason> Kick a user Kick members
/mute <user> <reason> Mute a user (Muted users cant write messages) Kick members
/lockdown <channel> <reason> Lockdown a channel Manage channels
/clear <messages> Clear messages from channel Delete messages
/logs <user or userid> Get logs from moderators Kick members
/warn <user> <reason> Warn a user Kick members
/delwarn <user> Delete warn from user Kick members
/writenote <user> <note> Write notes about a user Kick members
/notes <user> View notes about a user Kick members
/unmute <user> Unmute a user Kick members
/unban <user> Unban a user Kick members
/warnings <user> See all warnings from a user Kick members


All tool commands of

Commands Description
/avatar <user> Get avatar of a user
/roleinfo <user> Get infos about a role
/userinfo <user> Get infos of a user
/color <hex color> View color in a embed
/poll <text> <reaction emote 1> <reaction emote 2>  Create a poll with vote reactions (required permisson: Administrator)
/magicmussle <question> Ask the magic mussle a yes or no question
/nickname <nickname> Change your nickname
/serverinfo Get infos from current server
/roll Roll a dice in Discord
/about <user> View the about section from a user
/setabout <text> Create your own about section
/flip Flip a coin
/country <country> Get infos about a country
/pokemon <pokemon> View information about a Pokemon
/instagram <user> View information about a Instagram user
/twitter <user> View information about a Twitter user
/google <search> Search Google without open it
/discordpy <search> Search the API
/discordjs <search> Search the discord.js API


All music commands of

Commands Description
/play <song> Play a song from YouTube
/radio < radio name> Listen to radio from
/pause Will pause current song
/stop Will stop current song
/resume Resume current song
/volume <1 - 100> Change the volume from range 1 - 100
/leave Leave current channel
/join Join current user channel
/karaoke <song> Will start a karaoke session (beta)
/lyrics <song> Get lyrics from every song on Genius
/random Will play a random song from YouTube
/charts <country> Will show top 10 charts from countrys
/artist <name> Get infos about artist


All commands about your flames🔥 (rank)

Commands Description
/flames <user> Show flames from you
/leaderboard Show global leaderboard
/serverleaderboard Show server leaderboard
(only users from current server) 
/resetflames Will reset all your flames to 0

You can get flames for writing messages or send pictures/videos


About your privacy (stored information and more)

Commands Description
/mylogs View all stored information about you
/deleteme Will delete all stored information (include your 🔥)
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